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ABA Therapy 
Applied Behavior Analysis

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Available in Florida:  Volusia & Seminole Counties

We Accept Medicaid


What Do ABA
Programs Involve?

ABA is a science based on learning and behavior.  Our programs are designed to meet your child's individual needs.    A qualified behavior analyst creates and oversees a customized program for your child's skills, needs, interests, preferences, and situation.


How Can ABA
Help My Child?

We will develop an individualized ABA program for your child that can improve your child's attention/focus, social skills, academics, communication, and desired behaviors
Our program also focuses on reducing undesired behaviors


Where Can My Child
Receive ABA Therapy?

We can provide your child's ABA Therapy in your home, community, school, daycare, our Sanford center or in any natural environment where your child engages in behavior.

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