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Due Process Hearing Representation

Nobody likes to start a fight. But, when the school district fails to provide your child with a free appropriate public education you may need Jamison Jessup to fight for you. In Florida, you have the right to be represented by a nonlawyer qualified representative before state agencies. Jamison Jessup has filed more than 500 due process hearing cases fighting for the rights of students with special needs.

Discipline Manifestation Meetings

Students with disabilities have rights when it comes to public school discipline.  Jamison Jessup is experienced in helping students who have been suspended and who are subject to expulsion because of their behavior.

Advocacy Intake Form

Fill out our advocacy intake form in order for us to contact you for scheduling purposes. Let us know the goals and/or issues going on.

Jamison Jessup has participated in over 1,700 public school based meetings. His mission is to help parents obtain a quality education for their children with special needs and disabilities.  


He will accompany you to meetings with school officials to help you get the free appropriate public education your child deserves!


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